Situation in Syria might repeat the Libyan scenario

February 10, 2012 11:00 pm 

MOSCOW, Feb. 10 — The Syrian scenario will prove to be very much like that in Libya when reports about foreign military presence are verified, chairman of the Russian State Duma international committee Alexei Pushkov said Friday.

“According to latest reports being verified, a foreign special task force has been deployed in Syria. In case these reports are proved to be true, the scenario will be absolutely the same as it was in Libya,” he told journalists.

In his words, the resemblance of the Syrian situation to that in Libya is already evident.

According to Pushkov, “they are supporting the opposition and supplying it with arms, they propose an unbalanced resolution laying rigid conditions to Syria’s ruling regime, while laying practically no demands to the opposition.”

“I believe neither Russia, nor China, nor the other countries sharing the same positions want the Libyan scenario to be repeated in Syria,” he stressed.

Later in the day, the Russian State Duma will consider a draft statement on the situation in Syria.

The statement urges to do everything possible not to let the Libyan scenario be used in Syria and to prevent any foreign interference seeking to overthrow the current Syrian leaders.

The document was drafted by the State Duma’s international committee and enjoys support from all parliamentary factions. (PNA/Itar-Tass)



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