Bahrain foils terror call targeting Saudi embassy, major causeway

November 13, 2011 2:18 pm 

MANAMA, Nov. 13 — Bahrain's security authorities announced Saturday that they had foiled a major terror call targeting the Saudi embassy and the King Fahad Causeway that links the island with Saudi Arabia among some other important establishments and individuals in the kingdom.

Interior Ministry Spokesperson Brigadier Tariq Al Hassan said in a press conference that they were informed by their Qatari counterparts of the terror call and the arrest of four Bahraini suspects who were handed over to Bahrain on Nov. 4.

After being questioned by Qatari officials, the suspects said they illegally left Bahrain and headed to Iran, via some other countries including Qatar, to establish a group that would carry out armed terrorist operations in Bahrain, according to Hassan.

"Qatari authorities found in the possession of the suspects some documents and a laptop containing sensitive security information," said Hassan. "Enquiries to date have confirmed that the suspects were targeting the King Fahad Causeway, Ministry of Interior building, Saudi Arabia Embassy and individuals."

The four suspects also revealed a fifth individual, who had been in Bahrain and was arrested too.

Bahrain has been in turmoil since one of its worst riots broke out in February. The unrest has claimed the lives of over 40 people and caused fatal injuries among the policemen.

The government announced in March a State of National Safety, a quasi-emergency law that was later lifted in July. The Peninsula Shield Force, the Gulf nations' joint military force, entered Bahrain through the King Fahad Causeway to quell the protests. (PNA/Xinhua)



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