Turtles phenomenon blamed on dying fishpen industry in Pampanga

November 10, 2011 10:48 pm 

CANDABA, Pampanga, Nov. 10 — The turtles’ phenomenon in this town has been blamed over the recent financial reverses being experienced by several fishpond operators.

Bong Mangalino, a fishpond owner, said the presence of turtles in their place is now affecting the whole industry’s income.

"There are too many turtles in our fishing grounds. The problem is that we found out that the turtles are eating our fish. The turtles are biting the gill and stomach of the fish," Mangalino said.

He recalled that during the typhoon ‘Pedring,’ most of the fishpond operators on the other side of the control dike in Barangay Mandasig were rejoicing after surviving major flooding, thinking they could still recover their investment.

However, they were surprised when they noticed that dead fish floated from time to time.

"When we dried up our fishpond. There were few fish and only turtles left which become a plague to our business," another fishpond operator here said.

Mangalino claimed that he has invested more than 50,000 fingerlings but during harvest season, he got only an approximate of three tons.

"I hope concerned agencies would help us to control the increasing number of turtles," he said.

It was learned that most of the turtles came from the nearby streams and fishponds.

Some residents claimed that these turtles were originally cultured for consumption in restaurants but were later on abandoned.

Tilapia industry here is also facing losses due to many factors such as overfeeding, over population, reduced food abundance and excessive temperatures or sudden temperature change.(PNA)



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