PAF fighter aircraft crashlands in Zamboanga

November 9, 2011 10:38 pm 

MANILA, Nov. 9 — An OV-10 “Bronco” fighter-bomber aircraft of the Philippine Air Force (PAF) crash landed on Wednesday at the Edwin Andrews Air Base in Zamboanga City after one of its engines malfunctioned at past 10 am.

Paf Spokesperson, Col. Miguel Okol said the pilot and co-pilot were able to eject from the aircraft. They were slightly hurt.

Okol said the aircraft was on a test flight when one of its engines ceased in midair as the pilot and co-pilot were making their way back to their base of operations.

There are 12 remaining of the twin-engine OV-10s, which are usually used as anti-insurgency aircraft for dropping bombs and spraying machine gun fires.

There used to be two squadrons of the OV-10s, distributed throughout PAF bases around the archipelago. (PNA)



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