Govt plans to decongest NAIA runway

November 7, 2011 10:37 pm 

MANILA, Nov. 7 — A government plan that would allow aircraft landing and takeoff at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) runways from the present 45 to 60 movements per hour will benefit tourism, travel and trade, and generate jobs and economic development in the countryside, Cebu Pacific said.

“The government plan to build additional exit ways to allow landing aircraft to immediately leave the runways for use by other aircraft will go a long way in decongesting NAIA, and Cebu Pacific fully supports this government's initiative,” the company said in a statement.

Transportation Secretary Mar Roxas wants the construction of the rapid exit taxi-way to address the present congestion at NAIA’s runways, which has been limiting the number of flights to and from NAIA, and resulting in flight delays as well.

At present, actual aircraft landing and takeoff at NAIA is estimated at 45 movements per hour for commercial airlines. Private aircraft also compete for the use of the runway, although in other countries, civil aviation use other runways since they carry at times only one passenger or just the pilot.

Cebu Pacific said that through Roxas’ plan, aircraft can take off much quicker after landing, both the airlines and the public would benefit since more flights could be scheduled, giving the flying public more flights to choose from.

“The proposal of Secretary Roxas makes a lot of sense since it spells a win for all stakeholders,” the company said.

Cebu Pacific also supports the transfer of aviation schools and general aviation aircraft (corporate jets, for instance, that carry one passenger if at all as compared to hundreds on a commercial plane, and yet use up 17 percent of NAIA’s capacity annually.) A three-year period for their transfer should be shortened.

In addition, the airline supported the upgrading of key airports outside Manila to allow night flights.

This would allow airlines not to cram their schedules during the day and therefore help prevent NAIA congestion. Caticlan, for instance, cannot host flights upon sunset.

The same with Naga, Legazpi, and Butuan. This would allow passengers to choose their time of travel and not be limited to day flights, it added. (PNA) DCT/RMA/DGA/utb


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