Four kids injured in Valenzuela blast

November 7, 2011 10:37 pm 

MANILA, Nov. 7 — Four children were injured shortly after an explosion rocked a compound in Valenzuela City before dawn Monday.

The incident occurred at the Mendoza Compound in Bahay Pari in Valenzuela City.

Police have taken into custody a 43-year-old man who allegedly lighted the materials that caused the explosion.

In critical condition was a seven-year-old girl initially identified as Christine Lugtu. Injured as well were her siblings Criselda, 5; and Crisanto, 9; and a six-year-old boy identified as Wilfred Pelayo.

Now in custody is one Jose Policarpio, 43, who allegedly lighted a pile of garbage that contained "explosives."

Initial investigation showed the children were passing by the area when debris from the explosion hit them.

Recovered from the area were a blasting cap, copper tubes, and green cloth. (PNA)



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