PRO 7 chief to form body to look into loose firearms in Central Visayas

October 4, 2011 9:34 pm 

CEBU CITY, Oct. 4 – Chief Supt. Marcelo Garbo, the new regional director of the Police Regional Office (PRO) 7, has announced a plan to organize a study group that will focus on looking into the rampant distribution of illegal firearms in Central Visayas.

Garbo said he wants to eradicate the trading of illegal firearms, which has been identified as the common weapon used in crimes.

According to the statistics gathered by the PRO 7, 80 percent of the firearms used in crimes was illegally acquired.

”This is a recurring problem because it has a social and economic component,” Garbo said.

He said the purpose of the study group is to acquire a broader perspective of this problem.

It also intends to get participants from the community and business sectors.

PRO 7 Deputy Director for Operations Chief Louie Oppus said they will enforce stricter policies in issuing license to local firearm manufacturers.

He cited one problem when manufacturers create pistols, but will not report this to the police.

Oppus received information that these illegal firearms were made in Carmen town and polished in Danao City.

Oppus, though, encouraged the business sector to support the local gun makers. He also urged the local government units to do their part.

”Why do we have to buy firearms in China when locally made guns are better?” he said. (PNA) LAP/EB/re


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