New witness corroborates Rabusa’s statement

March 21, 2011 11:17 pm 

MANILA, March 21 – Senator Jinggoy Estrada presented on Monday a new witness who corroborated the allegations of former military budget officer Col. George Rabusa about corruption in the military.

At the resumption of Senate inquiry on the plea bargain, former budget officer Perla Valerio confirmed the existence of Provision for Command-Directed Activities (PCDA) that started during the time of former Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) chief of staff Roy Cimatu.

In the previous hearings, Rabusa claimed that PCDA was the source of “pabaon” (send-off) for the retired AFP generals, including Cimatu and other former chiefs of staff Diomedio Villanueva and Angelo Reyes, who committed suicide after attending first two hearings.

Valerio, who has been with the comptroller’s office of the AFP since 1967, said she decided to testify after hearing Cimatu’s challenge to anyone who has knowledge about the military corruption to come out in the open.

”My decision to come out in the open was also in response to the ‘tuwid na landas’ of President Benigno Aquino III,” Valerio said.

Valerio said she has prepared sworn affidavit about her knowledge on the alleged corruption in the military.

The new witness has also asked immunity from suits that may be filed against her for coming out with her testimony.

Valerio admitted that she had been receiving P5,000 monthly incentive but later Rabusa clarified that he gave P10,000 each month to Valerio during the time of Cimatu and Villanueva.

Cimatu and Villanueva were not present, forcing Senator Jinggoy Estrada to ask the committee to invite the two former AFP officials in the next Senate hearing.

Incumbent AFP chief of staff Oban said reforms have already been implemented in the military since the allegations of corruption broke out.

Oban said a summit will be held in a couple of weeks to discuss reforms implemented, particularly in logistics, procurement and financial management system in the military. (PNA)



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