Roundup: States continue efforts to evacuate citizens from Libya

February 28, 2011 12:07 pm 

BEIJING, Feb. 28 — Countries continue their efforts Saturday to evacuate citizens from the turmoil-hit Libya.

The Algerie Presse Service, the state news agency of Algeria, said Saturday that a ship chartered by the Algerian government has left the port of Algiers for the port of Benghazi, the second largest city of Libya. Some 400 to 500 Algerian citizens are expected to flee the North African country by this vessel. Officials said some 8,000 Algerian citizens stayed in the country before the unrest, and 1,500 of them have already left Libya.

According to the British media, the British special forces launched a secret operation to enter eastern Libya on Saturday night, sending 150 oil workers to an airport south to the city of Benghazi. Two transport aircraft of the British Royal Air Force later took them back to Britain.

It is estimated that some 400 British citizens are still remaining in Libya.

India on Saturday also began its efforts to evacuate Indian citizens from Libya. So far some 700 Indian nationals have already been evacuated from the country by air or land. Meanwhile, ships chartered by the Indian government and warships are also on their way to Libya.

In the early morning of Sunday, two chartered planes of Air India with more than 500 Indian nationals on board arrived at the New Delhi International Airport, while over 100 Indian citizens were evacuated from Libya to Egypt or Tunisia by land.

The Ministry of International Relations and Cooperation of South Africa said Saturday in a statement that the government will send a plane to Libya to help its citizens there to go back to their homeland. There are 30-40 South African nationals now in Libya, according to the statement.

Kenya Airways said Sunday in a statement that a plane of the company has already taken back from Tripoli a total of 151 Kenyan citizens and nationals of other African countries. (PNA/Xinhua)



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