EDSA 25 festivities on air over NBN 4

February 23, 2011 11:58 pm 

MANILA, Feb. 23 — In line with this week’s celebration of the 25th anniversary of the peaceful and world-renowned 1986 EDSA People Power Revolution, the government–run National Broadcasting Network (NBN 4) on Wednesday started airing programs that allow every Filipino, especially those not born yet at the time the bloodless revolution that ousted a dictatorship took place, to grasp the significance of this day.

Among these is a TV special that was first aired in 1995, called “EDSA: The World Remembers.” This will be aired once again at NBN 4 on Wednesday and will run through until the 27th.

This TV special, according to Maria Montelibano, head of Edsa 25 celebration, in a press briefing on EDSA’s 25th anniversary held last week in Malacanang, features many world leaders like Vaclav Havel, Raul Alfonsin, former US President Bill Clinton and former Congressman Stephen Solarz giving their homage and tribute to the Filipino people for starting a peaceful revolution.

Other EDSA 25 special programs of NBN 4 include “The Challenge of EDSA,” “Kalayaan (People Power),” and “Winning the Peace.”

“Puso at Diwa Ni Ninoy” and “Ninoy: The Heart and the Soul” are special documentaries on the late Senator Benigno Aquino Jr., whose death sparked the peaceful end to the dictatorship of the late Former President Ferdinand Marcos.

On Friday, Feb. 25, NBN 4 will air its live coverage of the festivities commemorating EDSA at 25.

Following is the schedule of the EDSA 25-related programs at NBN 4:

February 23, 2011 (Wednesday)


10:30 AM – 11:30 AM

EDSA: The World Remembers

01:00 PM – 02:00 PM <br>The Challenge of EDSA

05:30 PM – 06:00 PM <br>Kalayaan (People Power)

10:05 PM – 11:30 PM <br>Winning the Peace

February 24 (Thursday)

09:30 AM – 10:00 AM <br>Kalayaan

12:00 NN – 01:30 PM <br>Puso at Diwa ni Ninoy

01:30 PM – 02:00 PM <br>Kalayaan

04:00 PM – 05:00 PM <br>Challenge of EDSA

07:00 PM – 05:00 PM <br>Ninoy: The Heart and the Soul

February 25, 2011 (Friday)

07:30 AM – 04:30 PM <br>EDSA Coverage

06:00 PM – 07:00 PM <br>EDSA: The World Remembers

February 26, 2011 (Saturday)

10:30 AM – 01:30 PM <br>Puso at Diwa ni Ninoy

02:00 PM – 03:00 PM <br>EDSA: The World Remembers

04:00 PM – 05:30 PM <br>Winning the Peace

February 27, 2011 (Sunday)

02:00 PM – 03:00 PM <br>EDSA: The World Remembers

February 28, 2011 (Monday)

09:30 AM – 11:30 AM <br>Puso at Diwa ni Ninoy

01:00 PM – 02:30 PM <br>Ninoy: The Heart and the Soul

04:00 PM – 05:00 PM <br>Winning the Peace (PNA) <br>DCT/PCOO/ssc


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