(Metro News) QC gov’t implements

February 21, 2011 11:14 pm 

MANILA, Feb. 21 – The Quezon City government said on Monday it is implementing the "green building" policy starting this April in accordance with the Green Building Infrastructure Ordinance approved in 2009.

The policy aims to improve the environmental state of the city amid the strong impact of pollution.

QC Building Department head Engineer Isagani Versoza Jr. said the green building policy is an integrated and complete approach to the planning, construction, and operation of building structures as well as their surrounding landscapes.

Versoza said with the policy, the QC government will require all building contractors and developers to utilize eco-friendly technology and system in the conception of new buildings within the city.

Once implemented, the QC government expects to see reduced greenhouse gases and other hazardous emissions from buildings and other structures that contribute to the degradation of the ecosystem.

Versoza said the implementation of greenhouse policy shall promote and protect the interrelation of natural ecosystem and development which are factors that contribute to sustainable development, empowerment of people and urban development.

The policy encourages developers to incorporate green architecture in the design of buildings in the city as well as the use of renewable building materials and installations and other energy efficiency measures like waste management processes.

The policy will initially cover commercial, institutional, and industrial buildings with floor area of at least 1,000 square meters. (PNA)



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