DOH chief creates ad hoc panel to determine actual health sector human resources needs

February 14, 2011 12:58 am 

MANILA, Feb. 13 – Health Secretary Enrique T. Ona has denied reports suggesting the Department of Health (DOH) is engaged in the illegal practice of “fund conversion.”

At the same time, Ona announced he has created an ad hoc committee to study seriously and determine the actual human resources needs of the Philippine health sector as a further concrete measure to improve and facilitate health care delivery to all Filipinos.

“The Department of Health does not have ghost employees, ghost projects, intelligence or discretionary funds to convert,” Ona said.

For 2011, the DOH has been allotted P7.7 billion for personnel services (PS), P15.1 billion for maintenance and other operating expenses (MOOE), and P8.9 billion for capital outlay (CO), or a total of P31.8 billion. The DOH has about 35,000 employees nationwide for 2011.

For 2010, the DOH had a budget of P6.87 billion for PS, P11.32 billion for MOOE, and P6.46 billion for CO, or a total of P24.65 billion.

Ona assured Filipino taxpayers and the international donor community supporting various DOH projects that “every single peso allotted to and every foreign currency donated to the Health Department properly goes to where it was originally intended, and then properly liquidated and accounted.”

“To fulfill President Aquino’s thrust for every Filipino to have access to universal health care in terms of access to doctors and other health professionals, I have organized an ad-hoc committee currently studying the actual human resource needs of the country’s health sector,” Ona said.

“The findings and recommendations of the ad-hoc committee will guide the crafting of the 2012 DOH budget up to 2015 and at the same time determine actual number of needed health professionals and health-related personnel in various government health facilities all over the country,” he added.

“We are committed to ensure that every single Filipino needing health care in public health facilities will be attended to properly by health workers as we take concrete steps to achieve our goal of access to universal health care,” Ona said. (PNA)



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