Pigeon racing: So, Tan share limelight in PHA Naga leg

February 10, 2011 11:52 am 

MANILA, Feb. 9 — Veteran fanciers Tommy So and Ruddy Tan shared the limelight at the start of the Philippine Homing Pigeon Association (PHA) 2011 South Race held in Naga City last February 6.

So captured the first lap in the Young Bird category, edging Johnny Ngo and Honey Tan for top honors in the kickoff leg which attracted 62 lofts and 1,395 birds.

So’s grizzle hen with band no. PHA-10-1018406 of Emiel Deweerdt cross Stichelbaut/Van Den Broucke bloodline made a speed of 1,241.77 meters per minute or traveled three hours, 27 minutes and 19 seconds from Naga to Manila to clinch first place. Racing chairman Nelson Chua said the birds were released at 7 a.m. last February 6.

Ngo and his black Velvet cock banded PHA-10-108548 out of a Van Den Broucke and Maurice Delbar cross finished runner-up, while Tan and his blue bar white flight cock with band no. PHA-10-1017146 from the Vyverman cross Van Den Broucke strain wound up third place.

Also making it to the Top 10 are Benito Go Que, fourth; Paul Ung, fifth; Johnny Ngo,sixth; Kerby Chua, seventh; Jerry Tan, eighth; and Johnny Ngo, ninth and 10th.

In the old bird category, Ruddy Tan of Burlington loft clinched first and third place honors.

His PHA-08-0109784 blue bar white flight hen of Emiel Deweerdt origin is tops among 559 birds and 48 lofts.

Third place went to another Tan entry, PHA-09-0214821, which is a dark cheque cock of Janssen bloodline.

Second place went to Augusto Celis with his PHA-10-10335153, a Van Den Broucke, blue bar hen.

Other winners are Christopher Ng, fourth; Cham Teng Hui, fifth; Johnson Si, sixth; Tommy So, seventh; Henry Tan, eighth; Nelson Chua, ninth; and Ricson Asilum, 10th.

PHA president Jaime Lim said the seven-part series will resume with the second leg in Legaspi City on Feb. 13.

The five other legs in the calendar are third leg in Matnog, Sorsogon on Feb. 20; fourth leg on Allen, Samar in Feb. 27; fifth leg in Catbalogan, Samar on March 7; sixth leg in Tacloban, Leyte on March 19l and seventh leg in MacArthur, Leyte on March 20.

Last year, the top winners include Victor Tan, Paul Ung, Paquito Ngo, Jose Torres, Renato Tiu, Benito Go Que, Jonathan and Ian, Chan Tiam Seng, Fedrito Ferrer, Ricson Asilum, Emmanuel Go, Nixon Sy and Harry Sy.

The PHA was established in 1958. (PNA)



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