Japan allots US$ 700,000 for IDPs in Mindanao

February 8, 2011 11:49 am 

MANILA, Feb. 7 — Japan has alloted US$ 700,000 for internally displaced persons (IDPs) in troubled areas of Mindanao through the World Food Programme (WFP), it was announced on Monday.

The amount is the Japanese Government’s contribution to the International Emergency Food Reserve (IEFR), a fund for humanitarian aid managed by the WFP, and “in consideration of relevant elements including request for assistance and the bilateral relations" with the Philippines.

This latest funding assistance , the embassy said, “would facilitate the necessary aid to meet the food gaps in support of the most food insecure and vulnerable conflict affected people in Central Mindanao.”

Japan is a member of the International Monitoring Team (IMT) on the peace process in Mindanao, in charge of its socio-economic component.

In announcing the allotment, the Japanese embassy in Manila said Tokyo has been supporting the return and resettlement of IDPs to their places of origin since 2006.

In 2006, Japan provided an emergency food aid to IDPs amounting to about US$ 2.8 million. Also through the WFP, it extended another emergency grant aid for conflict-affected areas of about US$ 9.5 million in 2009.

The embassy noted that continued assistance is needed for these conflict affected areas in line with the growing shift of support from relief to recovery assistance.

”Japan believes this latest assistance complements the Philippine Government’s efforts to preserve and strengthen the human assets and livelihoods that are the foundation of future stability and development in Mindanao,” the embassy said.

”This assistance reaffirms Japan’s continuous support to the ongoing peace-building and rehabilitation efforts in Mindanao, as a strategic partner of the Philippines.” (PNA)



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