PAF upholds tradition of values amid ‘pabaon’ scandal

February 6, 2011 11:24 am 

MANILA, Feb. 5 – The Philippine Air Force, one of the major service commands of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP), said Saturday it is deeply concerned over the recent trading of barbs on corruption issues that scandalized former AFP top brass and the AFP as a whole.

The Air Force, led by Lt. Gen. Oscar Rabena, believes that the negative issues will soon recede and those at fault will be brought to justice.

“The present PAF dispensation upholds such values as Integrity, Service above self, Teamwork, Excellence and Professionalism (InSTEP) that the morale of the troops remains high despite the negative implications of the recent controversies rocking the AFP hierarchy,” the PAF said in a statement.

To sustain the highest standards of public service ingrained in every member of InSTEP Air Force, the PAF has embarked on a continuous training such as the Air Force Leadership Excellence (AFLEX) Forum with the objective of institutionalizing the PAF core values.

It also focuses on the culture of leadership excellence in the PAF. To further expound on leadership, the Command recently completed a handbook, the “Philippine Air Force Officers’ Guide”, an effective tool for Air Force officers in carrying out their duties and responsibilities.

While the PAF puts a premium to its officers and leaders, it is also on programs that aim to uplift the morale and well being of its best asset – the men and women of the Air Force.

Aside from the adopted policies that seek to improve and uplift the Airmen, the HPAF staff led by PAF Chief Lt Gen Rabena conducts frequent visits and dialogues with the men in the field to better communicate and address work-related concerns.

The PAF leadership remains steadfast in its belief that the recent corruption issues, while too damning and unfortunately tend to generalize, will soon be resolved and will be put to rest. After both sides of the issues are taken into a proper forum of reason and resolve, it provides a venue to once and for all expose the truth and to regain public trust and confidence because scalawags are not tolerated in the AFP. (PNA)



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