RH Bill is not just a Catholic issue; it's a major attack on authentic human values — CBCP

February 1, 2011 12:09 pm 

MANILA, Jan. 31 – The Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) said the Reproductive Health (RH) Bill is not just a Catholic issue.

“Far from being simply a Catholic issue, the RH bill is a major attack on authentic human values and on Filipino cultural values regarding human life that all of us have cherished since time immemorial,” said the CBCP in its Pastoral Letter released on Monday.

The Pastoral Letter, entitled, “Choosing Life, Rejecting the RH Bill,” also reiterated the Catholic Church’s call against the controversial bill, saying that it is Anti-Life and Anti-Filipino.

“Advocates contend that the RH Bill promotes reproductive health. The RH Bill certainly does not. It does not protect the health of the sacred human life that is being formed or born. The very name ‘contraceptive’ already reveals the anti-life nature of the means that the RH bill promotes. These artificial means are fatal to human life, either preventing it from fruition or actually destroying it,” part of the four-page pastoral letter said.

Likewise, the bishops’ group contradicted the claims of RH supporters that contraception will stop overpopulation, which result to poverty.

“Our own government statistical office has concluded that there is no overpopulation in the Philippines but only the over-concentration of population in a number of urban centers…The causes of our poverty are: flawed philosophies of development, misguided economic policies, greed, corruption, social inequities, lack of access to education, poor economic and social services, poor infrastructures, etc.,” the letter said.

The bill proposes for a large-scale government funding on artificial contraceptives.

The bishops’ statement was part of their three-day meeting at the Pius XII Catholic Center in Manila for the 102th Plenary Assembly, where they discussed various issues, including the controversial measure. (PNA)



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