Alleged China-based Filipino female workers victimized in internet dating scam

January 15, 2011 2:34 am 

By Gloria Jane Baylon

MANILA, Jan. 14 — The Philippine consulate-general in Guangzhou, China mainland is warning the public against apparent extortionist online sites fronting as dating channels purportedly between China-based Filipino women workers and American, British, Australian and German men.

Guangzhou reported to the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) that the perpetrator's modus operandi was to cause to develop a relationship between the supposed Filipino woman and her foreign date to the extent that she would leave her job in China prematurely.

”Those who are behind this scam should desist from these illegal and shameful activities,” the consulate general said, as it advised that counsel be sought before committing money to anyone known via online dating services.

The consulate general said it discovered the scam after receiving numerous complaints, one of them from a foreign man who claimed that through the website,, he met two individuals who tried to extort money from him. Further details of this complaint were not made available by the DFA.

Travel agencies are reportedly part of the scam, DFA added, not naming its suspects or where they are based.

DFA said bogus Chinese petites functionnaires supposedly threaten legal procedures against the Filipino woman embarking on joining her foreign date outside of China.

They pay as much as US$ 6,000 demanded by alleged Chinese customs and immigration officials who detain them at the airports supposedly for work contract violation.

In some cases, the foreign men are themselves contacted by the Chinese official to ransom the Filipino woman’s release.

DFA noted that the original website, which it did not name, and its publicized phone numbers cannot be accessed when they got wind of information they have been reported to Chinese authorities by the consulate-general.

However, their modus operandi are replicated in other new sites that are also in the guise of online dating. (PNA)



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