Baguio new jail warden vows to maintain its ideal condition

January 13, 2011 12:14 pm 

BAGUIO CITY, Jan. 13 — The new jail warden here Thursday vowed to keep the ideal condition of the Baguio City Jail which earned the award as the cleanest of the country and where inmates find their time worthy for their rehabilitation.

Jail superintendent Severino Quitaleg said the economic, social and religious activities within the jail shall be done with the sustained participation of various civic and religious groups here.

Meanwhile, he said that most cases faced by the more than 400 inmates, 60 of whom are female, are crimes against property like theft and robbery.

"Most of the added inmates allegedly committed theft last month. The second most highest crimes charged is illegal recruitment, followed by violation of the anti-drugs law," he said.

Records show that over the past decades, no jail break has happened in the facility which was designed and built way back during the American colonization period and with some renovations during the 20th century. (PNA)



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