First "Simbang Gabi" in Bataan in an altar made out of recycled wastes

December 17, 2010 1:59 pm 

LIMAY, Bataan, Dec. 17 — There is no doubt the lowly garbage has many uses and this includes the revered altar in one of the churches in Bataan.

On Thursday at dawn, the San Roque Parish Church in barangay Lamao, here held the traditional first “simbang gabi” displaying for the first time a big altar made out of recycled wastes.

It is the first altar in the province carved from garbage.

Father Alwin Bobes, parish priest, said the altar looked like stained glass but in reality it is made of plastic cellophane used in wrapping sweets “yema”.

The priest said the project was a fruit of unity with the youth contributing much for its realization.

Not only the altar but even the giant Christmas tree, the “belen” and Christmas lanterns that were lighted on Wednesday night were made out of recycled wastes. Disposable plastic cups glued together produced beautiful lanterns.

Churchgoers were all praises for their altar that they mistook to be made out of the costly stained glass.

The priest said he got the idea when he studied at the University of the Philippines in Diliman, Quezon City.

“At the start, we made small items using recycled wastes, like lanterns. But this time, it is a big altar that we designed with the help of the youth here,” he said.

Bobes said they collected garbage the whole year round and segregated them in plastic containers in preparation for their Christmas decorations.

He said he tapped young men and women in the community who have potential for the arts. “

He urged other youth not to throw away garbage that will be of beneficial use later.

Bobes said the project is part of their continuing support to the advocacy of Greenpeace and other environmentalists. (PNA) LOR/zst/EBE/ps


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