Crime rate in Cebu City drops

November 18, 2010 12:52 pm 

CEBU CITY, Nov. 18 – Police presence on the streets contributed to the decrease in the crime rate in Cebu City, said a top police official.

”Police visibility is a key factor in crime prevention,” Cebu City Police Office (CCPO) Director Ramon Melvin Buenafe said.

From August to October this year, CCPO recorded a total crime volume of 1,722 compared to last year’s 2,448.

The city has a total index crime volume of 1,339 compared to last year’s 1,856.

The non-indeed crimes dropped from 592 to 383 this year.

Index crimes are those committed against persons and properties, while non-index crimes are violations of special laws, such as on illegal drugs, gambling, loose firearms and the environment.

Theft and robbery remain the most common crimes in Cebu City.

For 2010, there were 832 theft cases and 309 robbery cases. Last year, CCPO noted theft cases reached 1,150 and robbery cases reached 369.

However, this year’s 230 cases of violation of special laws and higher compared to last year’s 219 cases.

The physical injury cases lowered to 142 cases, compared to last year’s 259 cases. There were 25 cases of murder in Cebu City for the last three months. For the same period last year, there were 29 murders.

Homicide cases dropped from 11 to 10, as did rape cases, from six to one.

Carnapping also dropped from 31 to 20 cases this year. There were no reported cattle rustling cases this year compared to last year’s one case.

Cebu City police solved of 698 crimes compared to last year’s 456. Crime solved means the suspects were arrested and faced appropriate charges in court.

Buenafe said crimes against property such as robbery, theft and carnapping are rampant in the months preceding the Christmas season for the economic activity is “prominent.”

But he said with the police’s presence and random checkpoints, they could “eliminate the opportunity for some individuals to commit crime.”

”The criminal would be foolish to commit crime in front of a police officer,” he said. (PNA)



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