Mt Merapi remains dangerous

November 14, 2010 2:34 pm 

YOGYAKARTA, Nov. 14 — Despite being calmer after its recurrent catastrophic eruptions over the last two weeks, Mount Merapi is still deemed dangerous and residents must remain on high alert as its eruptions have not decreased in intensity, a volcanologist has said.

Based on monitoring between 00.00-07.00 hours on Saturday, there were seven volcanic earthquakes and consecutive tremors, 11 landslides on the slopes and one tectonic earthquake, though hot clouds have stopped coming out from the crater, said Surono, head of Volcanology and Disaster Mitigation Center (PVMBG), Geological Agency, Energy and Mineral Resources Ministry.

Surono added physical monitoring of the 3,000-meter volcano, whose eruptions since October 26 have claimed over 200 lives and caused close to 350,000 people displaced, had been relatively easy to do since the weather had also been fine and clear since early dawn Saturday.

Assisted by CCTV at Deles, a monitoring post on the slope, fire from inside the crater had stopped at 01.16 hours that day, whereas the brownish thick water taking with it volcanic debris, have been flowing into rivers whose upstream starting on the peak.

The lahars have generally been spotted flowing down into the rivers of Woro, Gendol, Kuning, Boyong, Bedog,Krasak, Bebeng, Sat, Lamat, Senowo, Tringsing and Apu, Surono said.

Based on the results of the monitoring reports, the activity of Mount Merapi is concluded to be remaining high and therefore the "alert" status or level 4 remain in place because of the possible dangers of hot clouds and cold lava. (PNA/Antara)



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