Six Bohol towns declared election 'areas of concern'

October 17, 2010 12:37 am 

TAGBILARAN CITY, Bohol Oct. 17 — The Bohol Police Provincial Office declared six towns as areas of concern at the height of the barangay election period.

Police provincial director, Senior Supt. Constantino Barot Jr. declared Clarin, Getafe, Valencia, Carlos P. Garcia, Sagbayan, and Buenavista as areas of concern upon the recommendation of the chiefs of police in these towns.

Based on the profiles of the candidates running in these towns and political history, the local command of the Philippine National Police expects possible intense rivalry to erupt as the barangay election day approaches.

To brace for any conflict to ensue, Barot and Armed Forces of the Philippines Special Forces Battalion Commander Lt. Col. Romeo Brawner Jr. signed a covenant on Friday for a collaborative effort to ensure security during the election period and on the election day as directed by the Camp Crame hierarchy.

This came a day after Getafe police operatives arrested a candidate for barangay captain in Getafe for illegal possession of deadly weapon, along with two others who yielded .357 revolver loaded with live bullets.

PO2 Sam Daculio of Getafe police station identified the candidate as Gerry Centino, 29, and his two companions as Hipolito Torreon and Jonas Torreon — both reported to have been living in Centino’s residence.

Getafe police caught the three suspects during during a visibility patrol in Barangay Cabasacan at about 11:30 p.m. on Oct. 14.

The police team conducted the patrol in response to an information relayed by a concerned citizen about the presence of armed persons in Barangay Cabasacan nearby Centino’s house.

The police recovered a hunting knife from Centino and an unlicensed .357 revolver from Jonas Torreon.

Daculio said they turned over the items recovered from them to the Crime Laboratory of BPPO.

The suspects may face charges of violation of Comelec gun ban.

The Commission on Elections Comelec-Bohol recorded a total of 33,497 candidates in the 1,109 barangays.

Provincial election supervisor Eliseo Labaria said that Bohol has 718,324 voters in the entire province who will elect barangay captains and barangay kagawads (councilmen), while there are 52,028 youth electors who will elect Sangguniang Kabataan (SK) chairmen and SK kagawads.

Tagbilaran City has 47,858 voters for the barangay election and 1,816 voters for the SK polls.

Labaria also said that 2,146 are running for barangay captain in the entire province and 17,016 are running for barangay kagawads; 2,359 are running for SK chairman and 11,976 for SK kagawads.

Loon, which has 67 barangays, has the most number of candidates with 1,895 who filed their certificates of candidacy, 130 of them run for barangay captain and 1,058 run for barangay kagawads; 126 run for SK chairman, and 581 run for SK kagawads.

Tubigon, which has 34 barangays ranks next with 1,073 candidates comprising 69 for barangay captain, 541 for barangay kagawads, 89 for SK chair, and 374 for SK kagawads.

Inabanga, which has 50 barangays, ranks third with 1,274 candidates which include 90 running for barangay captain, 650 for barangay kagawad, 79 for SK chair, and 455 running for SK kagawads.

In Tagbilaran City, 35 run for barangay captain in 15 barangays, 351 for barangay kagawads, 39 for SK chair, and 220 for SK kagawads.

Loon also has the most number of candidates for barangay captain and SK chair.

Inabanga ranks second in the number of candidates for barangay captain, but only ranked fourth in the number of candidates for SK chair.

Ubay ranks third with 82 candidates for barangay captain, but ranks second in the number of candidates for SK chair with 115.

For barangay captains in other towns, Buenavista has 73 candidates; Calape, 70; Tubigon, 69; Valencia, 65; Jagna, 58; Dimiao, 58; Garcia-Hernandez, 57; Carmen, 56; Balilihan, 54; Talibon, 54; Maribojoc, 53; Loboc, 50, Sagbayan, 49; Clarin, 48; Mabini, 48; Candijay, 46; President Carlos P. Garcia, 46; Antequera, 45; Catigbian, 45; Duero, 45; Getafe, 44; Sierra-Bullones, 43; Trinidad, 41; Bilar, 37; Guindulman, 36; Pilar, 36; Baclayon, 35; Danao, 35; Loay, 35; Bien Unido, 32; Anda, 31; Lila, 29; Alicia, 28; Dagohoy, 28; Panglao, 28; Batuan, 27; Cortes, 27; San Miguel, 27; Dauis, 25; Alburquerque, 23; San Isidro, 22; Sevilla, 19; Corella, 17; and Sikatuna, 15.

For SK chair in other towns, Valencia has 79 candidates; Calape, 76; Balilihan, 67; Carmen, 67; Jagna, 66; Talibon, 66; Buenavista, 65; Dimiao, 64; Maribojoc, 60; Mabini, 59; Antequera, 57; Garcia-Hernandez, 56; Duero, 53; Clarin, 50; Candijay, 49; President Carlos P. Garcia, 49; Sagbayan, 48; Catigbian, 48; Guindulman, 48; Loboc, 47; Sierra-Bullones, 46; Pilar, 45; Trinidad, 43; Loay, 41; Baclayon, 40; Getafe, 39; BIlar, 38; San Miguel, 37; Alicia, 35; Cortes, 34; Danao, 34; Anda, 30; Dauis, 30; Panglao, 30; Bien Unido, 28; Dagohoy, 27; Batuan, 26; Lila, 26; San Isidro, 26; Alburquerque, 25; Corella, 21; Sevilla, 21; and Sikatuna, 15.(PNA) RMA/Angeline Valencia/rsm


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