Cops files harassment charges vs. Army men in Gingoog City

October 17, 2010 12:37 am 

By Ben Serrano

GINGOOG CITY, Oct. 16 — The Philippine National Police Gingoog City Office filed over the weekend criminal and administrative charges against soldiers belonging to 8th IB of the Philippine Army for allegedly harassing them on Oct. 10.

Gingoog City police director Supt. Leony Roy Ga filed grave misconduct and harassment charges against the soldiers in behalf of the Gingoog City Police Office before the military court and PNP Region 10 RIAS office in Cagayan de Oro City, Northern Mindanao regional capital on Friday.

Deputy Gingoog City police director Pinky Barsubia said the PNP legal office is also studying the possibility of filing similar charges before local prosecutor’s office in this city after some civilians were also affected by the alleged armed harassment.

According to official police record here, between 10 and 12 members of the 8th IB, headed by 1st Lt. Dan Soriano, aboard a military truck and in full combat gear uniform, arrived at the Gingoog /city police station at about 8:30 p.m. on Oct. 10.

According to policemen present, Soriano ordered his men to position strategically surrounding Gingoog City Police Office with high caliber of firearms mounted and were aimed at the police station.

The military officer, according to police report, ordered all PNP personnel present at said police station to line up then sit down and scolded and ordered all of them to listen.

Soriano allegedly threatened them harm and even made a kill sign or a slash in his throat to his men.

The military officer even restrained all police personnel present at that time to move or even to drink water with his hand holding safety lever of his baby armalite he was carrying.

As a result of taking the policemen allegedly in captive under threat mode, several civilians who sought assistance at the police office at that time were ordered to go home thus they were not served by the Gingoog City Police.

Several quarters at the military here, however, denied the police accusations.

They claimed the animosities between some 8th IB military personnel and Gingoog City Police started when one of the soldiers belonging to 8th IB, under 1st Lt. Soriano, met a road accident aboard his single motorcycle.

Army PFC Salvador Tubos, a soldier member of the 8th IB complained to his officials that he was allegedly mauled by a police officer and a police traffic officer two weeks before the Oct. 10 incident.

When asked if this writer could get the side or comment of 1st Lt. Dan Soriano, some military personnel here said they could no longer locate the military officer as he was reportedly relieved from post.

Gingoog City Police claimed it could not also identify soldier companions of Army 1st Lt. Dan Soriano who surrounded the Gingoog City Police Station because some had allegedly no name clothes or tags while others wore civilian clothes. (PNA) RMA/Ben Serrano/rsm


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  1. jun on October 30th, 2010 11:54 pm

    How shame to those policemen… that they just let the armymen inter their jurisdiction and harmed them. they were lucky bcoz not an NPA