Should Robredo be replaced, jueteng supporters will rejoice — Archbishop Cruz

September 8, 2010 6:37 am 

MANILA, Sept. 7 — An anti-jueteng advocate Archbishop emeritus Oscar Cruz said that should Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) Secretary Jesse Robredo be replaced, the supporters of the illegal numbers game will rejoice.

“Robredo is known as an anti-jueteng advocate. There is no jueteng in Naga, if he’ll be replaced, tagumpay ang jueteng,” he said.

He said the people should be wary on who is going to succeed him. “Let’s see on who’s going to replace him. We don’t know who’s next baka ang susunod, nakayuko na sa jueteng, nakaluhod pa.”

On the other hand, the Krusadang Bayan Laban sa Jueteng (KBLJ) founder leader is alarmed on how far the illegal numbers game has become.

“Jueteng now has become a political monster. Formerly, it was just unethical activity or illegal if you wish to pursue, but now, it has acquired a new dimension. It is a political force.



2 Responses to “Should Robredo be replaced, jueteng supporters will rejoice — Archbishop Cruz”

  1. jcu on September 9th, 2010 8:03 am

    Archbishop Cruz and the Catholic Churches all over the Philippines could have helped in eradicating illegal trades all over the Philippines. Jueteng is very much alive and will ever be in every province in the Philippines, specially in a city like Naga. Getting rid of Jueteng is like eradicating illegal drugs, prostitution, pirated DVDs. The Churches have a great opportunity to battle these illegal trades that are also sinful. What have the Churches done concerning the illegal trades all over the country . Archbishops, Parish priests are mum regarding their responsibility as Shepperds of their flocks, in helping solve the illegal trades problem in their domains. They are much to blame for the spread of these problems that plagues every Filipino Family. What course of action will the church do with overwhelming confessions of your parishioners of sins related to illegal trades. What happens with these concerns after you forgive them and bless them? The church have the opportunity to address issues that concerns parishioners within communities all over the Philippines. I’m sure pirated DVDs have found their way to the DVD players of most of the Parish priests.
    Archbishop Cruz obviously likes Robredo. The 2 are really close to Cory & PNOY.

  2. jcu on September 9th, 2010 8:33 am

    I forgot to mention. There is Jueteng here in Betterliving Subdivision Paranaque. Jueteng and other illegal numbers game like Last 2, Ending, Sakla still flourish in Manila, Makati, Pasay, Pasig and the whole Metro manila. These are the Milking cow of the Police, Barangay officials, Mayors.
    There is a need for a total revamp of the Philippine National Police force as a first step to enforce a campaign to eradicate these illegal numbers games one at a time. You need to upgrade the professional standard of the PNP from the Top position of PNP, down to the PO2, PO1 level. Majority who joins the Police force are those who are not qualified or smart enough to gain employment in any other professional field. Most of the police force belong to lower class of society. The brighter ones who gets top posts are from PMA or have graduated from exclusive shools. The PNP we have right now is just like a big Security Agency.