Coconut authority places 3 barangays in Puerto Princesa on CLB watch

August 29, 2010 1:47 pm 

PUERTO PRINCESA CITY, Aug. 29 –- The Philippine Coconut Authority (PCA)-Palawan Office has placed three barangays in this city under its coconut leaf beetle (CLB) watch to keep the bug away from spreading to other areas and cause damage into its coconut farms.

Barangays San Jose, San Manuel in the heart of the city, and Manalo in the north, were placed by the PCA under CLB watch following its discovery of the Brontispa longgissima in several coconut and palm trees.

Rodolfo Romasanta, chief of the PCA-Palawan Office, said although the infestation can be considered minor, coconut leaf beetles can spread fast to other areas with coconut trees if not eradicated.

He said the three barangays are now being monitored, and the coconut trees where the CLB have been detected are already being treated with chemicals.

Romasanta said the PCA has already scheduled massive information campaigns on the eradication of the bug to coconut farmers and palm tree owners in the said areas.

The information campaign will consist of the CLB’s history, how can it be managed and controlled to avoid spreading to other areas, what are the eradication procedures or strategies the PCA is employing, among others.

In Palawan, under close monitoring for the presence of the CLB are the southern towns of Brooke’s Point, Rizal and Quezon, where large coconut plantations are located. (PNA)



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