'Gulayan sa Barangay' intensified in Dagupan

August 26, 2010 11:23 am 

DAGUPAN CITY, Aug. 25 — The program "Gulayan sa Barangay" was intensified here with the distribution of a variety of vegetable seeds to some barangays by Mayor Benjamin Lim, assisted by City Agriculture Officer Emma Molina.

Molina said the project is one of the thrusts of the city government to ensure more food in the dining table for the city residents, although Dagupan is more known for its aquaculture industry.

"We do not depend entirely on fish for our food. We need to balance our sources of nutrition by eating vegetables," she said, as she called for more support to the city's "Gulayan sa Barangay".

Since the city has no wide area to plant vegetables, it might as well make use of its available spaces, including flower pots, in growing vegetables, he said.

Under the program, Molina's office will select five barangays as pilot areas for vegetable planting. The five will be encouraged by the city government to make use of compost generated from biodegradable by-products as fertilizer.

She said in this way, barangay folks will be forced to segregate their wastes with the biodegradable wastes going to the compost pit and the non-biodegradable materials to the dumpsite, which is itself now has a limited life span and already about to be closed. According to Molina, the city government through the Waste Management Office (WMD), will help barangays develop their composting projects to enable each one to have a ready source of cheap fertilizer. (PNA)



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