LGUs support barangay rice outlets' establishment

August 9, 2010 11:58 am 

ILOILO CITY, Aug. 9 – National Food Authority (NFA) Iloilo assistant manager Miguel Aguirre said that the local government units (LGUs) supporting the establishment of the "Bigasan sa Barangay" Outlets (BBOs) and wanted it in every barangay.

Aguirre said that they had been receiving a lot of recommendations from the LGUs for establishment of BBOs, which sell more affordable NFA rice to the indigent families in the barangays.

He said that the NFA started to convert the "Tindahan Natin" Outlets (TNOs) into BBOs about middle of this year to prevent big loses of the agency incurred due to the subsidy.

But he assured that despite of the conversion, NFA is still to make available cheaper rice to the poor families.

With this, all the 218 existing TNOs in the province had now applied for conversion.

“Many LGUs wanted to have BBO in each of their barangay that Iloilo province is now almost saturated,” Aguirre said.

In the BBO, the indigent families can buy rice for P25 per kilo, which is cheaper than the P35 or more per kile of the commercial rice.

The NFA buy the rice from farmers at P17 but because of storage and handling cost the price almost doubles up. But the BBOs are still to sell rice at P25 per kilo because NFA only sells the rice to the operators at P23.50. (PNA)



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