(Metro News) Valenzuela mayor urges architects to build more homes for marginalized sector

July 28, 2010 11:57 am 

MANILA, July 28 – Valenzuela Mayor Sherwin "Win" Gatchalian has urged all the city's architects to build cheap and safer homes for the locality's marginalized sector.

Gatchalian made the apppeal during the recently concluded United Architects of the Philippines (UAP)-Caloocan, Malabon, Navotas, and Valenzuela (CAMANAVA) Hilaga Chapter Induction Ceremony held at the Millennium Salon of the Manila Hotel.

UAP-CAMANAVA-Hilaga, one of the most outstanding UAP chapters, is celebrating 23 years of foundation.

They are involved in community service and socio-civic activities, such as career-orientation, scholarship and gift-giving. Last year, the students of Mapulang Lupa Elementary School were beneficiaries of the chapter's project, Toilet Donation.

They also held a supplementary feeding program in the same barangay. The group's other projects that will benefit the barangays in the city are underway.

He also said that their assistance will be instrumental in solving the housing backlog in the country.

Gatchalian also cited the Medium Term Philippine Development Plan (MTPDP) 2001-2010 which estimates the housing need of the country to reach a total of 3.75 million units this year. 2010's demand for new houses is estimated at 2.6 million, while housing backlog is roughly at 984,466.

In Valenzuela City, as a response to the needs of 1,860 families who were left homeless and hopeless by the typhoon, the city government, in partnership with the private sector, launched last February the housing project called "Disiplina Village."

Once completed, the medium-rise 56-cluster housing buildings could accommodate about 900 families displaced along Tullahan River.

The Valenzuela local government shall also provide the infrastructures and facilities for the development of the new community.

It will have a multi-purpose covered court, a Daycare Center, a Health Center and a Livelihood Training Center.

He also challenge UAP-CAMANAVA Hilaga to find new concepts and strategies to plan dwelling spaces that are more affordable.

Gatchalian said that there is a great challenge to discover new technologies that could reduce the cost of construction.

"Each day, inventors come up with new durable materials. Filipino architects excel in the field globally. It is not unlikely that you can also device durable materials that are not costly, without compromising architectural aesthetics. Your continued passion to do more and excel will be your tools to come up with designs of homes that are built safer and comfortable to move around, but are cost-effective," Gatchalian said.

"Let us not deprive our needy countrymen of one of the three basic human needs – shelter. Let there be stable roof and walls for the families on the street instead of tattered plastic bags. Let there be safer communities for children to grow up to other than that under the bridge or at the banks of the river. Together, let us build homes for our brothers and sisters who are either on the street or inhabiting in unsafe shanties," the Valenzuela mayor added. (PNA)



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