Filipino inventor claims breakthrough in alkaline as therapy on all illnesses

July 25, 2010 10:32 pm 

By Ben Cal

MANILA, July 25 -– A Filipino inventor has claimed to have made a major breakthrough in alkaline solution to treat practically all illnesses, including cancer.

Inventor Pablo V. Planas said the alkaline water therapy which he developed contains a high level of alkaline by as much 8.5 pH that kills cancer cells. PH is short for power of hydrogen.

“Alkaline is very important to our body,” Planas said, boasting that the alkaline he has developed is “number 1 in the world.”

PH measures the unit of acidity and alkalinity of a solution on one's urine, blood, saliva, digestive juices and other fluids in the body, but blood pH is the most potent of all.

“I am willing to prove it that alkaline, when the level is 8.5 pH, can cure any ailment, including cancer,” he said.

“Alkaline or die,” Planas said during an interview with the Philippines News Agency at his office in Quezon City.

To prove his point, Planas showed hundreds of letters he has received from people who claimed to have been cured after taking alkaline capsule mixed in water.

The wife of this writer tried taking the 8.5 pH alkaline capsule developed by Planas and after a month, the big lump on the side of her throat was greatly reduced.

Socito V. Francisco of Block 5, Kaingin-1, Barangay Pansol, Quezon City said that his prostate problem which his doctor said was already stage 4 and had difficulty in urinating, was also cured after taking the super alkaline capsule.

“I have no more problem urinating, thank God,” Francisco said in a letter to Planas.

Another patient, Alfredo E. Malayao of 255 Zapote III, Bacoor, Cavite, a diabetic, also wrote that his blood sugar level has gone down to normal after taking alkaline capsule. His arthritis was also gone.

In fact, Malayao said his brother, also a diabetic, and was scheduled to have his foot amputated but was not pushed through after taking Planas’ alkaline capsule.

Leonardo Amor of Concepcion, Marikina City, also testified in his letter that his blood pressure has normalized and his asthma and arthritis are gone after taking alkaline capsule regularly.

These are some of the testimonial letters Planas has received from those who took the 8.5 pH alkaline capsule.

Planas explained that “alkaline water is a high form of water without any chemicals involved. This water underwent a process with the use of multilayer filters as well as micro filters, ‘ozonation’ and ultra violet system, making sure that alkaline water is clean and without bacteria and chemicals.”

“It has a high pH level and contains a combination of bio-minerals that our body needs such as calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium and many others,” he added.

The 74-year-old inventor said that “alkaline is effective in helping our bodies release toxins and acidic wastes that cause several diseases like arthritis, asthma, diabetes, dysemnorrhea, gastric acidity, gout, joint pains, hepatitis, hypertension, insomnia, stomach ache and many more.” (PNA Feature) scs/RBC/rsm


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