Pangasinan police to field Task Force Hagibis to run after criminals on motorcycles

June 24, 2010 9:56 pm 

By Leonardo V. Micua

LINGAYEN, Pangasinan, June 24 — The police in Pangasinan has reactivated Task Force Hagibis which it will field along the highways soon to go against criminals on motorcycles who were tagged responsible for a spate of killings after the election.

This was in consonance with the marching order of reelected Governor Amado Espino Jr. due to increasing number of unsolved killings perpetrated along the highways by armed men riding in tandem on motorcycles.

Senior Superintendent Percival Barba, Pangasinan police director, said he has reactivated Task Force Hagibis formed in 2008 to go after armed men riding on motorcycles responsible for some of the gun attacks on certain personalities, two of them barangay captains and another a former barangay captain.

Task Force Hagibis consists of lawmen in uniform also riding on motorcycles who were trained to fire targets using either short or long firearms even when on motorcycles.

He said when the task force was created in 2008, or prior to his designation as police director of Pangasinan, the same situation existed as there were men being killed too by criminals on wheels.

The killers were stopped by the Task Force Hagibis and which was disbanded shortly after accomplishing their mission.

There were 18 policemen who were trained before under Task Force Hagibis and all these had already been reactivated as of June 23, Barba said.

He said when members of the task force were let loose by the police along the highways, the motorcycle-riding criminals laid low for a long time, till now when it appears they have again resurrected their killing binge.

Barba said that because of the spate of killings, two victims of which were each found in Sta. Barbara and Binmaley, one in Calasiao, another in Bugallon and a few more in other towns of Pangasinan.

Some of the victims had dog tags near their bodies warning people not to emulate the dead because of their criminal activities.

A few of these killings were already solved, Barba said.

The killings of the barangay captains of Bongalon, Labrador; Tumbar, Lingayen and of the former Barangay Captain of Barangay “D” in Tayug were attributed to criminals riding in tandem on motorcycles, too.

Asked if vigilante groups already exist in Pangasinan, Barba said they will not tolerate such group, stressing that since he took over as provincial director, no vigilante was noted. (PNA)



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