Agra vows 'zero backlog' of cases by June 30

June 7, 2010 7:06 pm 

MANILA, June 7 — Acting Department of Justice Secretary and concurrent Solicitor General Alberto Agra vowed on Monday that before he steps down as DOJ chief on June 30, this year, the DOJ would have a "zero backlog" of the motions for reconsideration (MRs) of cases that have been pending with the agency for some years now.

In a press conference, Agra said that as of June 4, 2010, 404 MRs or 35 percent out of the pending 1,147 MRs were resolved.

Agra assured that by June 30, 2010, the remaining 743 or 65 percent of the total number of MRs will be resolved.

It was gathered that out of the 404 resolved MRs, 71 were granted and 333 were denied, wherein most of the cases involved estafa, robbery, and bouncing checks with 137 cases, followed by parricide, homicide, murder and rape with 33 cases. The remaining cases were on libel, oral defamation and perjury.

Agra said that the resolution of pending MRs became expeditious because of the help of 30 lawyers, both from the Office of the Solicitor General and the DOJ, who are working closely "round-the-clock and even on weekends to review the cases.

"We will not sacrifice efficiency and judicious evaluation with speed in resolving the MRs. All MRs are and will be resolved solely on the basis of the available documents and records," Agra said.

Agra noted that there was a pending MR filed in 1997 which was resolved only now and most of the cases were pending since 2006.

The "zero backlog" goal is one of the legacy programs of Agra in his less than four months' stint as DOJ secretary. (PNA) scs/PTR


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