Police official vows 'a paradigm shift' on youth offenders in Davao City

May 31, 2010 1:38 pm 

DAVAO CITY, May 31 — Davao City Police Office (DCPO) Director Rene Aspera has vowed to make changes on their operation system following Mayor Rodrigo Duterte's orders to concentrate on controlling youth offenders in the city.

Aspera admitted that there will be "a paradigm shift" in their operations, as the mayor stressed he wants the police to be on top of the growing incidents of crimes committed by minors.

During their recent command conference, Duterte urged the police to carry out an immediate action on his observation that there is a "strong resurgence" of youth criminality in the city.

Duterte said the police should work with the officials of the barangays to conduct monitoring at the ground level.

The monitoring of youth criminality was among the things discussed during a meeting between barangay leaders and the police officials.

"We will give more weight on the youth offenders, perhaps a shift in paradigm in the system, because as head of the City Peace and Order Council, the City Mayor wants us to give much concentration on that," Aspera said.

Aspera, however, stressed that the meeting is a regular measure for the police to keep constant communication with the barangay system and was not held in reaction to Duterte's order.

"The youth offenses are just one of the things that the police monitor. Our concentration in youth offenses will be just one of the issues answered through the cooperation between the police and the barangay officials," he added. (PNA) FFC/JSGD/lvp


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