NSO-12 asks teachers to persevere in national census despite difficulties

May 31, 2010 1:38 pm 

COTABATO CITY, May 31 – The National Statistics Office (NSO) in Central Mindanao has urged the teachers serving as enumerators of the National Census on Population and Housing to persevere as their job is near completion.

Lawyer Moqtahar Manulon, NSO regional director for Central Mindanao, said the census is expected to be terminated on June 11.

Manulon sympathize with the teachers who have experienced difficulties in the conduct of census.

“Two of our teachers were bitten by dogs while others figure in vehicular accidents in the conduct of census,” Manulon said in an interview.

Teachers have been complaining of indifference of some household owners.

Manulod admitted that some house owners refused to recognize enumerators.

“Some do not open their doors, others simply said they are not home,” Manulon said.

Two teachers, one in Sultan Kudarat and South Cotabato were bitten by dogs while performing their duties.

“They are ok now,” he said, adding that peoples’ cooperation and support is a key to the success of the national census.

“To our teachers, please persevere,” Manulon said.

“To the general public, please cooperate because the statistics are very important for national policy makers and our country’s future,” he said.

Manulon said they have no problem with the job in urban areas because people are cooperating.

The problems mainly were in rural areas and far flung places because “our teachers have to endure the long travel and very hot weather.”

He appealed to the public to spend some few minutes in answering the questions asked by the enumerators, assuring them that they are complete with identification papers. (PNA)



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