Red Cross gets its first amphibious vehicle

May 29, 2010 9:17 pm 

MANILA, May 29 – The Philippine Red Cross (PRC) announced on Saturday the arrival of its first two amphibious vehicle from the United States and it will be used for rescue operations during extreme weather conditions.

PRC officials said in the midst of the destructive flooding in several parts of Metro Manila brought about by Typhoon Ondoy’s wrath September of last year, one vital limitation prevented them to fully maximize its capacity to save the unfortunate victims of the said ordeal – the absence of such equipment.

Aware of this weakness, PRC Chairman Richard Gordon then struggled to surpass this flaw.

To improve the organization’s efforts in alleviating human suffering in times of possible similar catastrophes, he then suggested the idea of acquiring automobiles that will be able to defy the said drawback.

Thus, PRC’s purchase of two amphibious vehicles, or better known as amphibians, was made.

“It may not be as good as new, but at least it is still good enough to serve its purpose,” Chairman Gordon blurted while thoroughly inspecting the first amphibian that has just arrived the country last May 5.

The said newly arrived vessel is a 1966 Lighter, Amphibious Re-supply, Cargo, 5-ton (LARC-V); and though the name itself reveals a doubtful age, Chairman Gordon defended that it is in fact one of the best amphibians there are. Apparently, the aluminum hulled amphibious vehicle is capable of transporting five (5) tons worth of cargo, or approximately 33 passengers including the craft operator, per trip.

It will be an essential enhancement on PRC’s rescue capabilities by providing easy transportation in times of unexpected calamities similar to Ondoy.

The 1966-model LARC-V came in from Texas, USA. According to Chairman Gordon, PRC actually bought the second-hand amphibian for US$ 110,000; and as costly as it may initially seem, he insists that it is in fact money well spent given the promising potential it offers. (PNA) /JCA


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