Tinga slams Cayetano for early politicking

May 24, 2010 8:06 pm 

MANILA, May 24 — Newly-elected Taguig 2nd district representative and outgoing Mayor Freddie R. Tiñga on Monday slammed the Cayetanos for creating a scenario to condition the minds of the public and cast doubt on the present administration’s integrity in protecting the sanctity of the ballots.

Tiñga, who won a landslide victory in Taguig’s 2nd congressional district, reacted when the Cayetano camp tagged him as the mastermind behind the recent transfer of the Precinct Count Optical Scan (PCOS) machines and other election paraphernalia to a safer and more secured location.

Last May 21, the Taguig City Treasurer’s Office ordered the transfer of the PCOS machines and other election paraphernalia to the Taguig City Auditorium, where they are more secured and can be guarded by more people. Prior to the transfer, the ballot boxes were in three different locations: in two container vans and in a safe house, all located inside the Taguig City Hall compound.

“We cannot understand why they (Cayetano camp) are opposing the said transfer, when they are ones who demanded it in the first place. Obviously, they are making a big issue out of this legitimate action,” Tiñga said in his released statement.

Cayetanos’ lawyer Jose Luis Montales, in a letter dated May 14 addressed to Crispina Espedido, Acting City Treasurer assigned in Taguig by the Department of Finance during the elections, demanded the transfer of the ballot boxes and election paraphernalia to “an area of the city hall.” They reiterated the same demand in a letter dated May 18.

When the PCOS machines and election paraphernalia were being moved last May 21, Montales, together with other Cayetano lawyers, arrived at the City Auditorium to oppose the move. They immediately sent out press releases to various media outlets.

Ironically, Montales, the one who wrote the letter demanding the immediate transfer of the ballot boxes, had himself interviewed in several news programs on television, saying “there is no compelling reason for the transfer.”

The mayor believes the Cayetano camp is just grandstanding and has planned early on to demand the transfer of the PCOS machines. When the Taguig Treasurer’s Office acted upon their demand, the Cayetanos jumped on the opportunity to bring the issue to the media.

Teresita Elias, who resumed her post as the person in-charge of the Treasurer’s Office immediately after the municipal canvassing, said the transfer was legitimate and was officially communicated to the Commission on Elections and to different parties, including the Nacionalista Party, where the Cayetanos are allied.

Tiñga expressed his disappointment over the Cayetano camp’s knack of creating issues and peddling lies against their political opponents. “If all they are good at is spreading lies, how can we expect them to help steer Taguig to further growth and development?,” asks Tiñga. (PNA)



2 Responses to “Tinga slams Cayetano for early politicking”

  1. yori roy on May 25th, 2010 12:43 am

    Politics in the Philippines will never change no matter what the congress ( all politicians) do because the only interest they priorities is theirs and theirs alone.

  2. glenda on May 30th, 2010 12:04 pm

    the cayetano’s never asked for the transfer of the pcos machines. freddie tinga is just trying to cover up the dirty tracks he and his father, dante tinga, left behind. the tingas already enriched themselves so much. so much that the people of taguig are already fed up and wanted some change. the reason why dante lost the mayoralty race. people of taguig are just wondering why freddie tinga still won as congressman of 2nd district, taguig. probably he cheated his way in again. the same thing that happened when reyes ran against duenas…the tingas rigged the results to make it appear that duenas won as congressman of 2nd district, taguig. poor pathetic tingas.