Palace urges next president to accept Corona as CJ

May 15, 2010 11:02 pm 

MANILA, May 15 – Presidential Spokesperson Ricardo L. Saludo on Saturday issued this statement, urging the incoming president to accept Justice Renato Corona as the duly appointed next Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, effective next week:

“We echo the call of our esteemed Chief Justice (Reynato) Puno for the next president to respect the rule of law and accept Justice Corona as the duly appointed next CJ.

“Justice Puno is right in saying: ‘Without the rule of law, our society will disintegrate. All of us should observe the rule of law. No one can excuse himself and say he is not covered by the rule of law. The higher you are in the government, the more you should respect the rule of law.‘

"The next president should also heed CJ Puno's urging to lead in healing the many wounds of society.” (PNA)



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