Poll automation is PGMA's legacy to Filipinos

May 11, 2010 8:01 pm 

MANILA, May 11 — Malacañang on Tuesday said the successful conduct of the first-ever automated elections in the country is part of President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo’s legacy.

“The nation had spoken. President Arroyo had delivered on her promise to hold the first-ever automated national elections,” said Press Undersecretary for Operations Rogelio Peyuan in his opening statement before the regular press briefing.

Peyuan described last Monday’s election as generally successful, with a big voters’ turnout and less election-related violence than in previous presidential elections.

“With automation, the people were able to observe immediately the counting of their ballots in different polling centers of the country, which is due to the cooperation of teachers, the election inspectors, the Armed Forces and Philippine National Police, the media, the church and so many other volunteers,” Peyuan said.

Peyuan said that in the last three weeks, the entire government machinery has been preparing for the smooth transfer of all materials, funds and programs and an inventory of what has to be turned over to the incoming administration.

On whether the Arroyo administration is confident that the incoming administration will pursue its programs and projects, Peyuan said “we will finish until June 30 what we have started. We are hoping and praying that whatever programs we have painstakingly finished will not be discarded as these are now all part of national wealth and heritage.”

“We pray that President Arroyo’s successor will be a uniting president, that there will be a continuing effort at national reconciliation unlike the political culture of the past where succeeding administrations discarded everything started and finished by their predecessors,” Peyuan said.

Peyuan praised administration party bet, Gilberto Teodoro, Jr. for having conducted himself well in the campaign for the presidency, “never hitting anyone below the belt but focusing his campaign on his plans for the country. We can’t say the same of the other candidates”

“Of course, many of the Cabinet members are unhappy about Teodoro’s poll loss but, at the same time, we take pride in proving our critics and doomsayers wrong about this historic automated election and about their prognosis of failure of elections,” Peyuan said. (PNA)



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