Palace commends successful conduct of automated polls

May 11, 2010 8:01 pm 

MANILA, May 11 — Malacanang on Tuesday commended the Commission on Elections and all those who helped ensure the successful conduct of the country’s first-ever automated polls, saying the legacy to be left behind by President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo has paid off for the nation and the electorate.

“We thank the Lord above and commend the Comelec, the hundreds of thousands of teachers and other civil servants who worked on the polls, and our gallant policemen and soldiers for the unprecedented speed of election tallies, their growing acceptance by the voters and even losing candidates and the dramatic decline in poll violence,” said Presidential Spokesperson Ricardo Saludo a day after the elections.

Saludo said the President’s drive for automated elections and against private armies and loose firearms “has paid off for the nation and the electorate.”

“May the successful elections bring greater harmony and solidarity in our land,” he said.

Saludo congratulated the proclaimed or conceded winners of the elections and likewise commended all candidates “for the good fight they put up.”

“We must now move speedily to heal divisions spawned by the campaign and focus on the next task which is the transition to a new national and local leadership,” he said.

Saludo pointed out that the presidential and transition committees the President created will ensure that the country will fulfill the ultimate goal of all democratic processes which is quality government and public service for the greater good of the people. (PNA)



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