(Metro News) Echiverri vows more projects for Caloocan folks

May 11, 2010 8:01 pm 

MANILA, May 11 – Caloocan City Mayor Enrico “Recom” Echiverri expressed today his appreciation to all those who believed in him and supported his reelection campaign, leading to a “landslide victory” in the just-concluded elections.

With this victory, Echiverri said that his constituents can expect to see the continuance of the projects that he has started, the same projects that have raised the quality of life of Caloocan residents.

Likewise, he said that his administration would further improve its service to the public along with adding more infrastructure projects in different parts of the city.

Groups with different denominations of faith such as Iglesia ni Cristo (INC), El Shaddai and the Muslim community were given special thanks by Echiverri for their unwavering support to him since the beginning of his political career.

In the latest tabulated results released by the Commission on Elections (Comelec), Echiverri garnered 216,720 votes while his closest rival, Luis “Baby” Asistio, was only able to get 129,918 votes.

The Comelec figures accounted for 95.57 percent of all election returns in the city and Echiverri as of press time was just waiting for his official proclamation.

According to political analysts, this impressive victory by Echiverri could be attributed to the numerous projects that the mayor has undertaken in the past which made life easier for Caloocan folks.

Among the projects initiated by Echiverri during his first five years in office were the 188,065 linear meters of cemented roads compared to the 42,885.60 linear meters that the previous administration was able to accomplish during nine years in power.

Echiverri also had 114 covered courts built during his term while the previous mayor was only able to put up a measly 17 covered courts.

Even students of Caloocan were not forgotten by Echiverri as he was able to create 300 new classrooms in his term, while the mayor before him could only provide 20 classrooms in three terms.

Echiverri said the remaining projects he has lined up for the city will come into fruition during his last term in office. (PNA) scs/PFN


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  1. maayoslangsana on May 12th, 2010 1:45 pm

    haaaayyy life!
    may10 ang botohan may12 n ngayon wla p rin resulta ang mga councilor ng kalookan… ilang beses itinigil ng parang wala naman ngyayari.. sana mtpos n ngyong arw na to.. salamat