RP democracy winner in May 10 vote — Palace

May 10, 2010 8:08 pm 

MANILA, May 10 — Presidential Spokesperson Ricardo Saludo said today everybody — the voters, election officials, election volunteers and the security forces — deserved commendations for the conduct of Monday's historic vote.

In a statement, Saludo described the May 10 political exercise as a triumph of a sovereign Filipino people and their opportunity to display a strong stable and vibrant democracy.

He said the government of President Gloria Macapagal- Arroyo will proceed with the transition to the new government on June 30.

Saludo, however, expressed sadness over the sporadic violence that marred the conduct of elections in some areas, but hoped the incidents would not be enough to invalidate the polls.

Text of Saludo’s statement follows in full:

“We commend our patient and patriotic voters, our hardworking election officials, workers and volunteers, and our dependable security forces for bearing the heat, the crowds, the threats and the occasional glitches, for the cause of fair, free and credible elections under the direct control of the independent Commission on Elections.

"With tens of millions of voters in 76,340 precincts and the first use of vote counting machines in our country, problems, delays and violations are inevitable. But with patience, sobriety, vigilance and cooperation, we can make this historic democratic exercise a triumph of the sovereign will of the people.

"We are hopeful that the generally fair, free and peaceful conduct of the elections, as well as the transition to a new administration on June 30, shall show the world and our investor friends that how strong, stable and vibrant our democracy is, where global enterprises can take root and flourish, as we have seen in over nine years of uninterrupted economic growth under President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo. Vibrant democracy with a growing economy –that’s the Philippines.

"We are saddened by sporadic violence in some areas, and we call on the PNP and AFP to protect our people, neutralize the threats, and allow electoral processes to go on with freedom, integrity and credibility. While the attacks do not invalidate the polls, our strong, swift response is needed to buttress our people’s faith in the elections.” (PNA)



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