NCRPO: Metro Manila polls free of election violence

May 10, 2010 8:08 pm 

MANILA, May 10 –- National Capital Region Police Office (NCRPO) chief Direector Roberto Rosales on Monday commended not only his men but also Metro Manilans who contributed so much in maintaining order during the conduct of elections throughout the Metropolis.

”All of us here in Metro Manila should be commended for what we have achieved so far. Our prayers and efforts for the orderly and peaceful conduct of the elections have paid off,” said Rosales.

”With less than two hours before the voting at the 743 polling centers all over Metro Manila is officially closed, we have yet to receive any report of election-related violence. That is what we have been working for even before the election period started last January 10, 2010,” added Rosales.

Rosales cited the close coordination between the Commission on Elections (Comelec) and the leaderships of both the Philippine National Police (PNP) and the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) for the peaceful holding of the elections in the capital region.

”What makes this election special is not just the fact that it is the first automated election in the country but, for the first time we have formed a formidable partnership we called the Joint Security Control Center (JSCC),” said Rosales.

The JSCCs are manned by joint elements of the PNP and AFP and supervised by the Comelec which has ordered the implementation of total gun ban.

”As deputies of Comelec, the PNP and AFP have implemented all resolutions and plans in a level of coordination and synergy that has never been established before,” said Rosales.

Rosales said that in Metro Manila, Comelec-NCR and the NCRPO and AFP’s NCR Command (NCRCom) received and processed all applications for Temporary Security Detail (TSD) and exemption to the Total Gun Ban imposed by Comelec that allowed authorities to monitor and prevent unauthorized armed personal security of candidates as well as to limit the number of individuals that can carry firearms.

”In our visibility effort, NCRPO and NCRCom personnel were dispatched as teams to areas that have indications of potential problems due to intense political rivalry. The overall effect of our troops preponderance in these identified areas was to calm down the situation as the people see our resolve to strictly enforce the law. We have established more than 80 checkpoints and used around 300 Motorized Anti-Street Crime Operatives (MASCO) for HOPE 2010,” added Rosales.

“We shall continue to secure the votes of our people here in Metro Manila until all have been canvassed and winners have been officially declared. The reported 27 PCOS machines that have encountered problems is just 0.36 percent of the 7,555 PCOS machines that have been used in Metro Manila. Nonetheless, the problem was brought to the attention of Comelec and Smartmatic and is now being attended to,” said Rosales.

“Let us continue to pray for the remaining time that we have to work on for the success of this election. At NCRPO, we shall press on so that the ultimate goal of this electoral process to let the voice of the people be heard is not hindered by any security concern,” the NCRPO chief also said. (PNA) V3/MM


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