Official ballots, indelible ink still intact at Taguig Comelec office

May 9, 2010 9:52 am 

MANILA, May 9 — Taguig Mayor Freddie R. Tinga belied text reports on the alleged early and illegal distribution of election paraphernalia, including the indelible ink, in the city, calling it as purely black propaganda.

“There is no truth to these text messages. They are just lies obviously being circulated by our desperate political opponents to condition the mind of the public and cast doubts on the results of elections here in Taguig. The official ballots, paper seal and indelible ink are with the local Comelec (Commission on Elections( office and under tight guarding by watchers of all candidates,” Tinga said.

Only other forms such as posters indicating the precinct number, certificate of votes, instruction to voters, and supplies including ballpens, bond papers, envelopes were distributed to board of election inspectors at the plaza in front of city hall the whole day Saturday.

The move was done upon orders of newly-appointed City Treasurer Crispina Espedido with the concurrence of the local Comelec official and representatives of all candidates to lighten the burden of board of election inspectors (BEIs) when they get the official ballots, indelible ink and paper seal on election day itself, May 10.

“Our political opponents are duly represented at city hall and every move is done with their knowledge. They have representatives watching over the office where the official ballots and indelible ink are being stored right now,” Tinga said. (PNA)



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