Palace calls on the electorate to ignore election intrigues

May 7, 2010 7:39 pm 

MANILA, May 7 — Malacanang today called on the Filipino electorate to do their part in the overall task of ensuring peaceful and credible elections on Monday.

Presidential Spokesman Ricardo Saludo exhorted the people to set aside personal differences on election matters, respect voters’ preferences, and maintain vigilance against attempts to disrupt or undermine the electoral process.

“More than ever, we as individual citizens and as a people must place the good of our nation and our democracy above partisan interest and personal agenda. This is not the time for self-serving and unhelpful pronouncements and fault-finding when all well-meaning Filipinos are working sincerely with the Comelec (Commission on Elections) for fair, free, orderly and credible elections,” Saludo said.

The Palace official also appealed to the candidates and their respective supporters to maintain sobriety and self-restraint and to ignore unfounded charges, intrigues and gossips coming out of the rumor mills.

“Let us constantly guard against baseless claims and unverified rumors, especially those spread by text and gossip,” he added.

“Media should not headline them, and people should not waste money passing them on to others. Giving attention to these untruths only encourages them,” Saludo stressed.

According to Saludo, ensuring the integrity and credibility of the May 10 political exercise is extremely crucial in light of the country’s first-ever attempt at full automation of the voting and tabulation processes.

“We are taking a quantum leap from the antiquated, obsolete, and tedious process of manual balloting and counting of the votes. There is no turning back and the only way to achieve success is for us to put our act together as a united citizenry,” he said. (PNA)



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