Stop stirring undue alarm over polls, Palace tells critics

April 16, 2010 10:00 pm 

MANILA, April 16 — Malacanang urged today the opposition to stop stirring undue alarm over the country’s first automated polls next month and assured that there will be elections.

In a media statement, Presidential Spokesperson Ricardo Saludo echoed the call of former Commission on Elections chairman Christian Monsod for an end to the heckling of the Comelec and unfounded speculation about deliberate election failure.

“We have always maintained that the May elections will not fail since it will use an automated counting system which is less prone to failure than the past manual system that itself had never led to failed elections,” Saludo said in his statement.

He also said that media entities and public figures have the right to raise issues to find solutions but “Comelec should always be given the time and space to immediately address criticism and correct mistaken report” he added.

Palace deputy spokesperson Charito Planas, in a media briefing, said that the Comelec is up to the task to ensure that the elections will be a success as contingency plans are already in place in the event of difficulties that may be encountered in the May 10 polls.

She added that generators are in place, if electricity fails in certain areas, and manual counting is still a viable option in the event of precinct count optical scan (PCOS) machine breakdown.

Furthermore she said that the Smartmatic-TIM will do a good job to ensure that the automation machines will work as their business will suffer negative perception around the world if failure of elections happened. (PNA)



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