Noynoy exceeds 120 minutes airtime in ABS-CBN

March 26, 2010 9:40 pm 

MANILA, March 26 – Liberal Party (LP) presidential candidate Benigno Simeon “Noynoy” Aquino III has exceeded the 120 minutes allowable time to place political advertisements on ABS-CBN.

In a press briefing, Comelec Spokesperson James Jimenez said that the LP standard-bearer can no longer place an advertisement in the said television network using his personal fund, but he will be allowed if his party will finance the political ads.

“According to our broadcast logs that we’ve received from the TV stations, he (Aquino) has logged more than 290 minutes already,” he said.

A national candidate is only allowed 120 minutes of airtime in every television station.

Aquino’s closest rival, Nacionalista Party (NP) presidential bet Manuel “Manny” Villar, on the other hand, only utilized 27.75 minutes of the time limit.

However, Villar’s party, according to Jimenez has likewise gone over the specified time for airing advertisements on TV when it accumulated 256.5 minutes in the same network.

“Villar has not gone over the limit but the NP which has been airing Villar ads has gone over the limit. Villar is not technically over the limit,” the Comelec official said.

He explained that the ads of Villar that were shown on ABS-CBN were paid for by his party, NP and not by him, that is why it is accredited to the party and not to Villar.

Jimenez said that broadcast logs were recorded from February 9, the start of the campaign period for the national candidates to March 12, 2010.

He noted that after coming up with the report, they will individually inform the candidates if they exceed or still in the time limit.

For those who exceeded the allowable time, Jimenez said that they will write the candidate concerned a letter and warn them from airing further ads on the said stations.

Jimenez warned that exceeding the time limit is an election offence and offender/s might be facing disqualification charges.

The Comelec official added that it is not totally over for Aquino to place an advertisement on ABS-CBN since he can still use the resources of his party, LP to finance his political ads.

“If Villar did it this way, he has not used his own credit and naubos ‘yung sa party nila. The reverse is true with the other candidates,” he said. (PNA)



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