Police, NBI probing existence of "Operation Big City,"

March 7, 2010 1:24 am 

MANILA, March 6 –Government law enforcers are investigating if the so-called “Operation Big City,” an alleged plot to carry out terrorists acts in Metro Manila, really exist.

This developed as three suspected terrorists were arrested on Wednesday in Maharlika Village.

Another suspected terrorist, who was tagged behind in the General Santos City bombings, is now reportedly in the custody of the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI).

Lawyer Ricardo Diaz, chief of NBI Counter Terrorism Unit (CTU), identified the alleged terrorist as Mohammadali Midtimbang Kano, alias Boy Splinter.

Diaz said they were now extracting extra-judicial confession from Kano but would not confirm information about “Operation Big City,"

The Operation Big City is allegedly a plot to carry out bombings in Metro Manila.

“He (Kano) admitted during interrogation that he was involved in unresolved bombing incidents in General Santos. Maybe, he could provide us information and I believe he also has knowledge,” Diaz said.

He said Kano was initially arrested for robbery extortion. But they took him into custody as he was also suspected to be behind some bombing incidents.

Diaz said they were determining if Kano had any link with the three men arrested in Maharlika Village,Taguig City last Wednesday.

The arrested suspects were identified as Abdulrahman Samuel, 29, with aliases “Abdul Racman,” “Aladin,” and resident of Barangay Pukol, Talayan, Maguindanao; Juher Ibrahim, 22, with aliases “Asir,” “Joher Demalon,” and “Ter,” and Mujahid Guiamelon, with aliases “Ming,” of Barangay Libutan, Mamasapano, and “Mujahid Demalon,” and “Lupaid,” “Mogs,” 21, of Barangay Libutan, Mamasapano.

They have pending warrants of arrest for murder, destructive arson, arson, robbery with violence and/or intimidation of persons.

Police and military reportedly foiled their attempt to carry out bomb attack.

The three yielded three pieces of pineapple type-hand grenades and a black pack bag containing explosive bomb components described as two detonating cords, three blasting caps and one booster.

Police said the seized objects triggered possibility that they could have planned to carry out bomb attack but police have yet to identify the “possible targets." (PNA) RMA/JES


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