Tatad cautions senators for delivering "unparliamentary language"

January 31, 2010 12:24 am 

By Catherine J. Teves

MANILA, Jan. 30 -– A 2010 senatorial candidate and former legislator is cautioning against continuing unparliamentary language and behavior in the Senate, noting such lowers the chamber’s stature and generates more calls to abolish it.

Ex-senator Francisco ‘Kit’ Tatad raised his concern after scandal rocked the Senate anew this week as some senators hurled invectives at one another over Sen. Manny Villar’s alleged involvement in funding irregularities linked to the C-5 road construction project.

”There’s demand for a certain kind of discourse – it’s called parliamentary language – but if you use gutter language, you damage the institution,” Tatad said at Kapihan sa Sulo forum.

Senate minority leader Aquilino Pimentel Jr. is at the center of the latest Senate scandal as his remarks on Sen. Mar Roxas’ supposed budgetary ‘insertions’ drew the latter’s ire and ridicule from the public for having sexual connotations.

Roxas considers such remark an affront to his wife, broadcaster Korina Sanchez.

Tatad said that such incident and the senators’ row over the alleged C-5 irregularities brought the Senate to a level lower than that of the House.

He also fears this helped further make the Senate “unfit” to produce the next president and vice-president.

”There’s a very strong move to abolish the Senate and we’ don’t want to provide more reason to fuel this,” he warned.

According to Pimentel, however, it was Roxas who put malice into his remarks.

”Beauty is in the eye of the beholder while malice is in the mind of the speaker and hearer,” Pimentel said at the forum.

”Conflict becomes more complicated when people not involved in an issue are dragged into discussions for advancing political propaganda,” he further said.

Roxas is the vice-presidential bet of Liberal Party which is running against Villar’s Nacionalista Party and other political blocs.

Pimentel commended Sanchez for being “diplomatic” about the incident. (PNA) RMA/CJT/rsm


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