MMDA, MMC to form TWG to harmonize traffic enforcement

January 24, 2010 1:38 pm 

MANILA, Jan. 24 – The Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) and the Metro Manila Council (MMC) have agreed to form a technical working group to harmonize traffic enforcement in Metro Manila.

MMDA chairman Oscar Inocentes during the MMC meeting recently attended by mayors and their representatives said that one of the proposals approved was the adoption of a unified traffic code for implementation by the entire 16 cities and one municipality in Metro Manila.

Among the other issues discussed were the Uniform Ticketing Scheme (UTS) provided for under Republic Act 7924 or the MMDA charter.

UTS is also being pushed by the public transport sectors, who claimed the separate traffic fines being imposed by LGU’s Ordinance Violation Receipts have become burdensome because they carry more expensive fines compared to that of the MMDA.

Transport sectors have threatened to file a petition before the Supreme Court to stop the LGUs from using their own traffic ticket other than that of the MMDA.

“We will now be using a common traffic ticket which will carry the logo of the MMDA and the corresponding LGUs using it,” the MMDA chairman said after emerging from the meeting.

Inocentes said they will submit to the TWG the proposal made by Taguig Mayor Sigfrido Tinga to come up with a revenue-sharing scheme out of the fines to be generated from traffic apprehensions and the possible adoption by the LGUs of the mode of apprehension and payment scheme of traffic fines.

At the moment, the MMDA has a contract with Metrobank to accept payment for traffic fines. It also does away with the confiscation of driver’s licenses, in contrast to that of the LGUs that still confiscate driver’s licenses.

Tinga, who is a member of the MMC Executive Committee, has expressed his approval to make the MMDA the central clearing house for traffic apprehensions.

In return, Inocentes agreed to the proposal of the mayors to delegate the power of deputizing all traffic enforcers to the LGUs.

He said he will be convening another meeting with the Metro Manila mayors for another discussion on the findings of the TWG, or if possible, adopt a resolution its final implementation. (PNA)



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