Filipinos warned against using illegal inns in Macau

January 17, 2010 11:44 am 

MANILA, Jan. 17 — Filipino would-be travelers to Macau are warned against patronizing illegal guesthouses in the Chinese Special Administrative Region or else they become party to criminal activities or be exposed to unsanitary or unhygienic accommodations.

The Philippine Consulate General in Macau-SAR gave this advice following the passage on January 7 by Macau’s Legislative Assembly of a law banning illegal guesthouses in order to prevent criminal activity and ensure observance of safety and health standards.

Under the new law, operators of illegal inns will be fined between USD25,000 to USD100,000 and agents for illegal residents will be imprisoned from between two to eight years.

“In light of this recent law, (Filipino) travelers are advised to verify their accommodation arrangements beforehand and to ensure that they will be staying in authorized hotels, guest houses or inns,” Philippine Consul General to Macau Jaime Victor B. Ledda reported to the DFA.

It appears that such illegal accommodation are patronized by travelers without enough money or transients looking for work in Macau-SAR or another destination. Travellers caught in the web of criminal activities such a drug smuggling tend to use such inns.

”Travelers staying at illegal inns could face greater risks of injury and disease, since these places are unlikely to be properly constructed and are probably crowded and unhygienic,” said Ledda in his report to the DFA.

The Macau Government has been campaigning against illegal guesthouses for some time since these places are usually associated with unlawful activities such as drug trafficking, human trafficking and overstaying, Ledda said. (PNA)



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