(Metro News) Six million devotees expected to attend the Black Nazarene procession on Saturday

January 8, 2010 10:46 pm 

MANILA, Jan. 8 — Attendees of the Black Nazarene procession on Saturday are expected to double compared to the estimated three million in the previous Quiapo Feast, Church officials said on Friday.

According to Msgr. Clemente Ignacio, Quiapo Church rector, they expect a big number of devotees to flock to the Luneta Grandstand and the Minor Basilica of the Black Nazarene (Quiapo Church) to attend the procession on Saturday, the Feast Day of the Black Nazarene.

He said the reason why the number of attendees will double this year is because of the recent calamities that happened in the country.

“We noticed that when our country experienced a crisis, the number of churchgoers also increased,” he said in a press briefing.

Last year, authorities estimated the crowd at three million.

The priest, on the other hand, appealed to the devotees to just go to the Luneta, where the procession will start at 7:30 a.m. Saturday, since many people are expected to flock to the Basilica.

“My request to devotees that will come from other places is for them to just go to the Luneta if they want to join the procession. Let’s leave the narrow roads of Quiapo to those leaving in the area so as to divide the crowd,” said Ignacio.

Being held annually as part of the celebration of the Feast of the Black Nazarene, the procession will take the following route: from Quirino Grandstand going to Katigbak Drive through P. Burgos, straight to MacArthur Bridge, right at Palanca, left at Estero Cegado, right at Carriedo, left at Evangelista, right at Raon, right at Quezon Blvd., through under Quezon Bridge, left at Palanca, left at Globo de Oro, left at Gunao, right at Arlegui, left at Nepomuceno, left at C. Aguila, right at Carcer, right at Hidalgo, left at Barbosa, right at Globo de Oro St., through under Quezon Bridge, right at Palanca, right at Villalobos through Plaza Miranda going to Quiapo Church. (PNA) scs/FGP/utb


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